The Bull’s Eye Process

By Dr. Rick Moss, Ph.D.

Spiritual Integration

This morning Dr. Rick will guide us in a clearing process:

Take a breath. And we will do this process called the Bull’s Eye to help us get back on the mark. 

  • Imagine that you are standing above a vat or a tub and that you are filled with a dark liquid which is the ego. And you could let this dark liquid, this shadow drain out of you now into that vat beneath you. Feel the darkness liquid go. Feel the heaviness go, the hurt, the past. Feel it pull and drain out of the body filling the vat beneath you.
  • When you have that feeling of that heaviness pulled away, imagine there is stairs (or a ladder) at the side of the vat. Climb down the stairs and reach the ground level.
  • Imagine that on the ground level painted around the vat there is a black circle like a bull’s eye in a target. See yourself backing away from the vat. Backing through that black circle painted on the ground. Each step that you take as you back up draws more and more of that egoic miss the mark energy. Pulls it out of you as you move to the light.
  • Surrounding the black circle is an even bigger circle, a gray circle. You’re backing through that now, backing through the dark gray through the medium gray through the light gray. You can almost feel the light on your back now as you approach the light.
  • As you move through the lightest gray into the white, into the wholeness of your mind into the Christ light, the awakened consciousness.

    “What fear and judgement would gaze upon, love effortlessly overlooks.”

Now as you stand in the light, in the wholeness, test out that energy for a moment. Think of that person who has been a challenge to love, and see, as you stand in the light, is that person still a challenge?

  • Or do you simply look right through the lampshade? Does your heart penetrate the veil of the ego more effortlessly as you stand in the light of your true being?
  • Does love flow effortlessly? What fear and judgement would gaze upon, love effortlessly overlooks.

I open to perceive that which I had been challenged in loving and find that the Christ within me loves effortlessly, is not trapped by form, is not mistaken in judgement. But is whole, complete, awakened, and loving, and this I am!

“Whole, complete, awakened, loving – this I am!”

Move forward now into the world. Bringing that light, that love with you as you step into the gray it disappears and becomes white. And as you step into the black it disappears and becomes white. And as you go to touch the vat which is your challenge the challenge of separation, the challenge of judgement, the challenge of hate, imagine that the challenge is nothing but a shadow, and shadows cannot stand in the light; and the light of the Christ love within us disappears the illusion of separateness. The vat is gone and only love remains.

And so we ask that his healing be integrated, and so it is.

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