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  • Why do we resist love?
  • True Self Worth
  • Self Expression and Creativity
  • Body Type Acceptance
  • Spirit and Wealth
  • Embracing the Emptiness
  • Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Calming the Mind’s “I’m in Control”
  • Learning to Listen to Your Intuition


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Recent Comments on the Email Clearings

“The email clearings are truly healing.” ~Cheryl

“Wow!! This is so effective” ~Jeanne

“I value these opportunities to return to my true self. Thank You for the guidance and sharing of grace.” ~Michael

“Thank you for this wonderful meditation. I love the visualizations. Beautiful!” ~Erika

“Very liberating..” ~Julie

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  1. I appreciate that you have offered me something that most people would charge an arm and leg for. Thank you for a chance to bring me back to life.

  2. This was my first ever clearing and I felt a great release. Thank you – I am tremendously grateful for your gift.

  3. I feel lighter. Thank you! I want to do good clearings so I am empowered to begin my new business without the old energies blocking me.

  4. It was a BLESSING to be in your presence at The Center for Spiritual Evolution in Cary w Rev Ann¡ Boundless Gratitude & Love to your Essence Dear one♥ Til we meet Again~ I’ll continue to listen to your messages¡

  5. Thank you it certainly shed light on why music singing and dance and playing the piano fills my soul with joy. It makes a lot of sense. And it highlights that I have issues with acceptance of myself.

  6. Wow!!! I am relieved of the fear I was feeling. If it comes back, I assume I simply do the clearing once again?

  7. I never knew it was my ego thinking I was losing something if I was giving love to someone or anything. This is helping me in my understanding in my own love walk
    Thank you


  9. Truly from Source, this meditation is powerful because it not only provides a solid foundation and method to clear but connects us back to who we truly are. Thank you for being such a loving conduit!

  10. Thank You is not enough Dr.Rick Moss
    I’ve been doing the clearings and oracle cards 5-6 times a day for 3 months or better and approximately 8-9 weeks since your generous phone call and clearing on july 15th, and today I’m accepting a job offer that will have me supporting myself first time in 9 years.
    The transformation is rippling throughout my family and loved ones,we all are benefiting from the release,we all are lighter and more.
    Your sending out so much love and light.
    Much Love and Gratitude.

  11. GOOD MORNING RICK. loving my fear Tim P. Any thing. I can help with reguarding move to Florida ?Let me know

  12. How is Key Biscane? I think of you often and it brings a smile to my face Thanks for the cleanings TIM P,

  13. I just listened to you Dr Moss on Limitless Transformation radio show. Thanks for the beautiful voice you have with the 2 clearings. I signed up for the free clearings already. Thanks again…

  14. This clearing helped me to recognize some of the emotions I have been holding onto for a very long time and that it’s ok to be who I really am. Awesome!

  15. Don’t know if this site is working. I keep getting error messages after I input my info above

  16. The visualization techniques resonate well with me. They help remind me of the false stories we carry in our consciousness and subconsciousness and how the light dispels them. Thank you.

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