Awakening Soul – Part 2

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Earth is the place for healing. We don’t heal on the other side. Plan, yes. But, we come here to heal and grow. Here there is duality, forgetfulness of Self. Here the adapted personality will run the show from the subconscious unless we begin to awaken. All the requirements are here.

This is classroom earth, brilliantly designed so that our internal reality is reflected by our outer experiences. There are many classrooms here. And we progress by mastery learning. When one subject is completed and mastered, we go on to the next. When we have learned the hard way – and most everyone learns by doing – that we do not wish to kill or be killed, we move on to the next class. Perhaps it is stealing. We progress by learning that we do not want either side of an experience. We do not wish to steal or be stolen from. That’s graduation. Now it’s on to something else. Perhaps it’s on to learning about love. Maybe we’re freeing ourselves from the illusion that we can earn love.

Do not be confused by the seemingly endless learning here. The earth dream of separation will end. Because there is not enough joy in it.

Our soul’s destination is immersion in joy. Joy or bliss is our nature. It is God within us. Joy is what Love springs from. We have come to earth for joy. It matters not whether this is apparent yet. To know the fullness of joy requires our unique expression of our soul’s individuality.

We are a unique expression of the One. Realizing our uniqueness, we also recognize our Unity. And this is where the fun really begins.

God is Joy. From Joy comes love. And the earth is the revealer of it all.

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