3 Levels of Healing – Curative, Situational, and Transformational

For healing to be profound and transformational, the outcome has to change our relationship with our Self… Our True Self.

In this Zoom video, Dr. Rick explores three levels of healing and takes us to transformational healing.

  1. Curative: A symptom is addressed and made to go away. For example if we have a headache and take an aspirin.
  2. Situational: The headache returns and one treats it at the body level, perhaps with a head rub or a peaceful walk.
  3. Transformational: The headache is treated as an opportunity to explore how we are out of balance with the world and our lives.
    We explore what limiting beliefs contribute to the pain and in clearing out these limiting beliefs and their associated emotions we discover a more loving and expanded part of our Self.

Click below to watch this talk and guided imagery clearing by Dr. Rick Moss on at the Center For Spiritual Living Morristown in NJ, introduced by Rev. Carol Lawson.