What is “Clearing”?

Clearing is the removal of limiting beliefs and retained emotions that restrict our life and block the experience of our true Self.

“Dr. Moss is truly incredible! His intuitive approach is amazing, and you know he’s totally present when he works with you. He provided me with specific and powerful techniques for clearing, healing and self-growth. Whew! What an empowering experience and a profound impact on my life! Thank you!!” – Kim, California

Upgrade your mental software

The conscious and subconscious are like our mental software and our life experience is our printout. If we are holding limited, negative, judgmental beliefs – either consciously or subconsciously – our body and life experience must reflect these distortions. Thus, to remove these distortions will positively effect our lives. The removal of limiting, mental distortions or blocks (also called tapes) can be called Clearing.

Rediscover your true nature

It is held by the great mystics and the traditions of enlightenment that our essential nature is perfect, eternal, and at one with an all-loving Creator. This understanding is central to this work. What we do in Clearing is to remove the blocks that obscure our Divine Nature. We clear away the clouds that hide a sun that is always present. These blocks or distortions are fragments of the ego, our limited self identity. The ego breaks into little pockets that are like emotional video tapes of our past. These pockets or bubbles are of three major varieties: – a moment of our past along with the feelings that were present, called an inner-child – a story that may be experienced as a past life or just an accumulation of associated images woven into a story – a misperception and its associated energy and emotion. In any case, the block or distortion can be dispelled through Clearing….